Minggu, 11 November 2012

Thank you my past

may be a little stale, but I really want to write this, for souls who are still often oppressed their past. I have experienced this many times, let the past hinder my future. so many times I am hurt because of love.

but now, I know it such a stupid thing to do, to keep live with wrong person and let ourself damn hurt. we can't forget our past, except we've got amnesia or we've die, past is always past and the memories would always remain. 

lost our mostly loves person never easy to forget. they like a shadow that never shown. always follow us, always remind us about the bad and the sweet memories that make us too hard to forget. as simply, we can't forgive our hurt past at ease. they like evil ghost that never unforgivable by God. 

but guys, let we think about it once again. one form to show our love is being sincere. when they come to us to give a promise for made our life beautiful, with any pleasure we accept it. its also occur when they let them self gone and let us get such a hurt, we just need to let them go head up, stay strong. Fake a smile, move will better to your heart. never stop thankful to God because I guess God simply wants us to meet many wrong people before we meet  the right one.

well, from now I will go forward without looking back again. No more of my tears will be wasted on you. because when I'm crying. when I'm begging. you always do nothing.

Thank you for anything that you give to me, my past.
I would never strong as strong like now without you. once again THANK YOU my past! ;)

with much loves,