Kamis, 02 Juni 2016


this post i would share into all of my visitor about my vacation on last semester holiday. 
on January 2016 my dad ask me and my mom to accompany him goin' to Wonosobo, he said that if we want we can also visited "Dieng Plateu" wich is those place are really popular because of its wonderful scenery. 

I'm so excited of that! and............... without any arguments I just say yes! although my mom like dont really excited, but i know she love me and she will say OK for me :p

I'm so sorry I cant explain very detail about our vacation, because we went there on January and I just post 'bout it on June :'D please blame me, its my fault! :(

but dont worry because tomorrow, on 3th june I will goin' there for the second times with my lovely bae re:bestfies <3 and I'll sharing those 2nd vacation on "Dieng plateu" :* 

so here we go.. this is my little bit documentation 'bout my vacation. enjoy my photos! :p
taken by mom. i ask her to take my photos with the scenery behind me, but what she did is took my full body include my 'swallow sandal' -_-